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I take clients on an appointment basis only

in person or on the phone (depending on your location) 

 Monday through Friday 10-6 pm Saturday 10-3 pm 

I am closed on Sundays .. It is best to reach me by phone 815-398-3983 

even if you get my voicemail to schedule an appointment.I will call you back when I am not in session with a client.I do not book appointments through IM's or emails because its not affective 

However; I do get  many IM's asking about my services 

So here is the skinny 

... I provide 5 types of options..

Psychic consultations; 

         which is a "intuitive mapping" of whats going on with you right now and what is arriving in the future..as well as which would be your best options and short cuts to manifest your hearts desire's to fruition. The fee for this service is $100 for an hour session.

Bereavement work ; 

            Which is communication with the dead, providing you with the opportunity to resolve any grief that maybe lingering from the heartache of loosing a loved one.. My fee is $150 for a 1 hour session. I am not doing 1/2 hour readings at this time unless Im involved in a house party setting..

Spiritual support counseling; 

                 Sometimes I've had clients say to me well I just had a reading a few months ago..So I don't think Im ready for a reading. I just need to talk. Well I offer that option as well. I do offer spiritual support conseling for those of you that may need a shot in the arm after a heart wrenching situation of any sort. Sometimes emotional injuries can wear us down and we need a second opinion. The type of session has been very productive for those who are going through things like a death, or divorce. That session is also a 1 hour session and the cost is also $100.  

House parties; 

                 House parties are also a service I provide, I will travel to your home and do private sessions with each individual that arrives at the party. I do not do group readings at house parties, I do not think that is fair to the clients. Each clients should have there own private time with me to discuss their feelings individually. There is a minimum of 8 and no more than 12 at a gathering of this nature in order for me to venture off my premise . The fee for individual guests at a house party varies as a result of the parties location in proximity to my home base.. The client can decide individually which option they would like to purchase. These are usually very fun events for me as well as the host and guests.

House Cleansing's ;

                   If your troubled with paranormal activity within your home? I will come to your premise and remove unwanted activity from your humble abode. Because I do venture out as far as Wisconsin and the Chicago area? The cost of that procedure does vary and unless I know the miles entailed I can not quote a price for that on here.. That would be an individual decision the client and I would make at the time of scheduling. I do guarantee this procedure. I have only had to go back to 1 house and rework it over 32 years. They were not charged for that service.

I hope that this answers any questions anyone might have about my services and as I said previously? Contacting me by phone is the only way to get results... Im am grateful for all of your inquiries and certain that if stumbled across me? You were getting a nudge from a loved one from the other side to seek out guidance from me. 

Many times people who contact me by IM wonder why I didn't respond to their requests immediately. Im not on FB as much as everyone might think. I don't want anyone to feel left out because they sent an IM I didn't see for 4 days. I know its old school for some of you but making an appointment by phone is the only way it can happen in an efficient and timely manor. Thank you and have a blessed day 

About Me

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