Nationally known author, Jenniffer Weigel and Denise Guzzardo to appear at Cuscos Jack’s Dec 21st

Stay Tuned; book signing event

The Emmy Award winning journalist Jenniffer Weigel and Psychic Astrologer Denise Guzzardo will be appearing at Cuscos Jacks; 6957 Old Creek Road Rockford Il. Dec 21st from 10 am to 1 pm to celebrate the release of her new book.

Stay Tuned: Conversations with Dad from the Other Side, follows Emmy award winning reporter Jenniffer Weigel’s quest to find her own sense of spirituality while fighting healthy skepticism. She examines her life choices and comes to realize that she got into broadcasting to please her over achieving dad, long time Chicago Sportscaster Tim Weigel. After tragically losing her famous father to a brain tumor at age 56, Jenniffer’s quest becomes personal. She does everything she can to try and have one last conversation with her dad from the "Other Side"

Spanning twelve years of research and interviews, readers are taken on a humorous, yet deeply moving journey, as Jenniffer struggles to find the answers to some of life’s most important questions. Through conversations with best selling authors James Van Praagh, Carolyn Myss, Deepak Chopra, Don Miguel Ruiz and others, Jenniffer weeds through the lessons while trying to incorporate them into her daily grind. Eventually she transforms from a cynical Journalist into a woman with grace and wisdom.

Jenniffer’s first encounter with a psychic happened about 15 years ago when her friend actress, Jacquey Rosati introduced her to Rockford’s own Denise Guzzardo. The first chapter of the book "The Psychic in the Farm House" is a warm and amusing depiction of Denise, her gifts and her overwhelming love for animals. Curious as to how this chain smoking woman who knew nothing of her background could map out her life with such accuracy, Jenniffer returned within two weeks with her father Tim Weigel for another session.

Tim’s purpose of his session was to contact his deceased mother Virginia. As well as humoring his daughter Jen with the idea that he would consider speaking to a "Psychic".When Denise began to tell him of his sisters recent surgery, his ornery father’s back injury and the whereabouts of his mothers missing wedding rings Denise was able to make a believer out of him as well.

Jenniffer’s accomplishments began in radio as side kicks for nationally known radio personalities such as Jonathan Brandmeier, Shock Joc Danny Bonaduce, Steve Cochran and movie critic Richard Roper. Moving on to T.V. as an entertainment reporter for WGN, then CBS affiliate WBBM-TV Chicago as an anchor woman with her own weekly talk show at WLS-am radio. She currently runs JCW Productions creating entertainment programs and segments for the Hallmark Channel series "New Morning."

Denise Guzzardo will also be available that day as well to answer any questions you may have regarding your personal journey with the unknown. Join them and their gracious host; Pat Cocoma at Cuscos Jack’s. For further info contact; Denise Guzzardo @ 815-398-3983

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