Denise Guzzardo had always “heard voices” as a child at bedtime. Her older Sister Diane purchased a record player for her at age three which allowed her to drowned out the cosmic chatter. However; it wasn't until 1974  when she received  an urgent message from spirit to “get home now” while out partying with her friend Becky, that she realized she was not like the other kids. Upon arrival there did not seem to be anything out of the ordinary. Thinking she was insane she went to bed, within 30 minutes  St. Anthony’s Hospital called her mother and informed her that her father had been in a fatal car accident.
From 1974-1987 Denise lost over 14 close friends and relatives (including her friend Becky) to untimely deaths, each of them contacting her from the other side. Many times this felt like more of a curse than a blessing. Although the message from loved ones time and time again was I'm Ok I'm filled with peace, it didn't make things any easier for her enduring these losses. The confusion as to why “of all people” they chose to contact her was emotionally exhausting. Reluctant at first, she eventually began to take on the responsibility of her gifts and shared them with others.
With over 25 years experience Denise’s psychic gifts can help you with just about any uncertainty you may have with life’s changes. Including:

  • Relocation
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Family
  • Career
  • Pet behavior problems
  • Missing Persons
  • Communication with the other side
Internationally known Denise Guzzardo has been a featured guest on numerous radio stations including: Chicago’s WLS, WCKG, WGN, The LOOP, working with gifted talent such as Pete Mcmurray, Jenniffer Weigel, Steve Cochran, Danny Bonaduce, and WLS legend Fred Winston. Jenniffer Weigel’s new book, Stayed Tuned Conversations with Dad from the other side accentuates Denise’s gifts in the first chapter “The psychic in the farmhouse” as Jen and her father the legendary sportscaster  Tim Weigel take a trip to the small rural community to experience Denise’s abilities first hand. Although the journalist in her had to appear objective, there was enough evidence that Denise was in fact“the real thing.” Tim Weigel’s expectations were not that high at first, but when his deceased mother Virginia came through with the whereabouts of her missing weddings rings it was enough to make a believer out of him as well.


Denise also appeared as the star tour guide for the Travel networks documentary “The Haunted sites of Chicago.” Hosting her favorite haunt, the Excalibur’s Dome Room. The Excalibur was used as a temporary morgue for the Eastland  Disaster (July 1914). The Eastland cruise liner capsized and claimed the lives of over 800 Western Electric employees celebrating there company picnic, a greater fatality than the infamous “Titanic”. “They are still partying” Denise claims “they don't know they are dead.”...
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